Up to the Mountains

“Up to the Mountains : I often find my best subject matter when I’m not really looking for a place to paint. On a hike with my dog, Ellie, this summer at Spicer Lake in the Sierra, I came around the bend in the trail and found this cove and beautiful vista just asking to be painted. Our morning of hiking quickly devolved into a fast return march to the car for my painting gear and a rush to get set up before the light changed. Fortunately, there were plenty of sticks to throw in the water for Ellie to make up for the lost hike, and I got to satisfy my need to paint this classic Sierra scene.” –Kathleen Dunphy

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebration we asked our artists to share a little about their paintings.

Oil on panel
Image size: 12 x 12 inches
Framed size:


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