Dormer, Charleston

As we celebrate 20 years in Charleston, we are sharing stories of how our artists came to be a part of the gallery.
Edward Rice has been a part of Helena Fox Fine Art in both it’s time on Queen Street and now on Church Street. His detailed observation of architecture delights the viewer by it’s attention to detail as well as its somewhat abstract nature. We are proud to represent this important Southern artists.

“I begin with a carefully constructed pencil drawing on the canvas, with each measured line relating to the proportion of the canvas, this gives the piece a sense of “ rightness “
I then paint the the entire composition in monochrome. This umber underpainting is key to the final effect of the color. After the underpainting has dried for a few weeks, I lay in the color, with each area following its own logic: smooth and even on the sky, allowing the warm underpainting to subtly show through the deep blue, creamy whites applied thickly to emulate the crusty surface of the wood, etc.
Whenever I return to the US from European travels I am always struck with how American everything looks. What does this mean ? What does it mean to look American? Tried to answer this with this painting.”

Image size: 30 x 24 inches
Framed size: 34 x 28 inches


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