Carolina Jungle

Secondary Market:
Three new acquisitions to West Fraser’s Secondary Market have us all very excited! Each piece holds an important marker in West’s evolution as an artist. Carolina Jungle depicts the ‘transition zone’ that West continues to paint. (See Borders a World of Sea or Palmetto Dreams) In 2010 he was spending a lot of time painting plein air all over Palmetto Bluff, this painting is from that period. Find West’s words about the painting below:
“In “Carolina Jungle” again I’m showing the zone that separates the salt water from the sandy loam banks. I am observing and painting notes of the bright morning haze of spring light; as it filters through the mossy branches draped and touching the grasses along the marshy shores. The intertwined vines of a century are defining the atmospheric space of this lush Lowcountry setting.”

Oil on linen
Image size: 30 x 40 inches

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