Meet John Caggiano

Sweet Grapes by John Caggiano

Artist John Caggiano resides at the tip of Bearskin Neck in the famed artist colony Rockport, Massachusetts. Known for artists such as Henry Fitz Lane, Emille Gruppe, and Edward Hopper, for John inspiration is everywhere.
John grew up on the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn in the 1950’s–a working class neighborhood of mostly Italian and Jewish people. “Art was the last thought on anyone’s mind in that era. Depression-era memories and post-war survival took precedence. Somehow the love of art took hold in me, mostly, I believe, from my mother and grandmother’s skills working in the clothing trades.”

Painting in Provence

John created art from whatever he could find “I would play with papier mâché, empty cardboard shoe boxes, used spools of thread, crayons, and whatever used materials one could find around the house to inspire my creativity.” From these humble roots, he went on to earn a BA from Brooklyn College and a MFA from Pratt Graduate School–both with honors, thank you very much. After initially pursuing law, he was led back to his first love, art. “It was always in my blood despite parental discouragement. I had the fire in my belly and always knew that I would find a way to make it work. Through many fits and starts, I established myself as a professional artist, first by opening a gallery in Rockport, Massachusetts, an old and historically established art colony, and then by working the proverbial 24/7 shift to become a good painter.” Through determination and hard work, John has earned the respect of his peers and achieved signature status in nine national organizations. “Along the way, I have been extremely fortunate and blessed to meet and fall in love with a very talented and professional artist, Susan Lynn. I have been blessed. Life is good. As always, my greatest joy is painting with friends and colleagues who live and breathe art.”

Laundry Day by John Caggiano

Artist’s Statement
I have been painting for 60 years, 45 of which as a professional, essentially in plein air. Since I prefer landscapes, marines, and cityscapes, some with figures, my extensive travels have taken me across the US and Europe, especially Italy and France. I search for subjects that emphasize color, light, and shadow, which I interpret in an Impressionistic-Realism style. Painting for me is the bold and dynamic use of color that infuses life into the subject of the painting. Color is the lifeblood of a painting. Nothing stimulates more than its pleasing harmony, whether strongly applied or toned and tranquil. My brushwork is at times enhanced by the use of a palette knife. Painting outdoors in all weather conditions satisfies both the eye and the soul. It trains one to see and feel more aesthetically and clearly. I admire many artists for these qualities. Willard Metcalf, Daniel Garber, Childe Hassam, Albert Pinkham Ryder, and Joaquin Sorolla are some of my strong role models. Plein air events further enhance the experience that I bring to my work. Ultimately, my greatest joy is painting with friends and colleagues who live and breathe art.

Painting with friends, such as the group that is part of this exhibit-Burst of Colors-is a big part of Caggiano’s yearly adventures. We are thrilled to have this talented artist as part of our April exhibit and we hope you enjoy.

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