Meet Guest Artist David Bareford

We are happy to have veteran artist David Bareford participating in The Art of the Nocturne exhibit opening on October 7, 2022. Mr. Bareford began his career as a watercolorist, concentrating on plein air painting. His study of the ever changing effects of light and shadow yielded satisfying results gaining him entrance into shows hosted by Allied Artists of America, the American Watercolor Society, and the National Academy of Design. He quickly gained national recognition for his work as well as membership in significant art organizations.

What was your ‘aha moment? “I was in the library at the University of Montana looking at art books when I came across a book on watercolorists and how they work. There was a picture by Ogden Pleissner the famous landscape and wildlife painter that really caught my attention. Somehow, I knew I could do that. I had played around with watercolor as a teenager, but now I began in earnest. I switched all my electives to art courses.”

Eventually Bareford began to transition to oil painting. The oil medium has none of the restrictions that are

inherent with traditional watercolor technique, and many advantages. It is with oils that David found his niche–his ability to ‘capture the moment’ as well as his rich use of color are noteworthy. “The human eye is many times more sensitive than a camera in its ability to see value and color. When painting from life you are able to respond in a way that is impossible otherwise.”

Sand and Surf | 9 x 12 oil
In much the style of the grand European impressionists, Bareford’s small beach scenes capture the playful joy of a beach holiday.

When did you make your first sale? “I don’t remember the exact time, but it was in my 20’s. My father was selling paintings for me at art fairs and out of the back of his car.”

Motivated by the interaction of light with its subject matter, Bareford has always pursued the things which interest him: landscape, cityscapes, sailing, rowing, the waterfront, and still life, but it is his deep connection to the sea which has shaped his career.

In what ways do you relate to your art? “It is my life I am always painting or thinking about painting. I love the materials that make painting. I love the colors and I love the process.” As with many of our artists, Joaquin Sorolla and John Singer Sargent are a couple of the artists that have most influenced David’s work. ” What art exhibit has been most inspirational to you? “The IBM Sorolla exhibit in NYC many moons ago. It was breathtaking!”

Among the Flowers Cafe | 14 x 18 Oil
In the tradition of plein air painters, Bareford captures a moment in time at an outdoor cafe.

Mr. Bareford is a fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists, a member of the Rockport Art Association and Museum, the New Jersey WaterColor Society, American Watercolor Society, Allied Artist of America and the Copley Society of Boston. His most recent exhibits were American Society of Marine Art 1st International Exhibit, 18th National Exhibition ASMA, “High Seas and Low Shores” Invitational held at the Salmagundi Art Club in New York, N.Y. and the Cape Ann Plein Air Inc. Working Waterfront award. as well as participation in the Cape Ann Museum Working Waterfront exhibit.

When asked three things we might not know about him, his response was that he gets up early, he is a neat freak–which I can attest to, he does not like sticky–and “I believe that Haagen Das Rocky Road ice cream is nectar of the gods.”

We hope you stop by to see David’s work in person during our October 7th exhibit.

Title image: Edgartown, and example of his desire to paint working waterfronts as well as all the different vessels that inhabit these areas.

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