Jeffery Larson and the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art

From artist Jeffery Larson’s introduction to his academy:

“I have opened a small, fine arts academy of the highest caliber.   It’s primary focus is on the classical training of talented and motivated young artists; individuals whose desire is to become full-time, professional fine artists.   Eventually, we will also be offering part-time classes and seminars to anyone interested in learning the classical methods.

The school is located in the former St. Peter’s Church, in Duluth, Minnesota.   This historical, hand-cut stone, church was built at the turn of the century by Italian immigrants.   It sits on the top of a stone bluff over-looking the Duluth harbor, just a few blocks up from the Downtown and Canal Park areas.   The school itself is located within the forty-two by seventy-five-foot sanctuary with its fourteen foot, north facing windows and a vaulted cathedral ceiling rising high above.   There is a growing excitement behind this project with donations and a capital funding campaign.

As part of the Capital funding campaign, we have released a selection of giclée prints.   The proceeds from the sale of these prints are designated to help fund the renovation and remodeling of St. Peter’s Church into the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art.   We invite you to join our growing team, working to make this a reality.”

We are very proud to be associated with such an accomplished artist and teacher. Come by the gallery to see examples of his work.


 Jeffery T. Larson | Boxing Beauty | Oil on linen | 30 x 36 inches
Jeffery T. Larson | Cucumber Harvest | Oil on canvas | 16 x 20 inches

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