Get to know Brock Larson

On March 22, 2019 we welcome Brock Larson to Helena Fox Fine Art. Brock is the very talented son of artist Jeffrey T. Larson and we are thrilled to be holding their first exhibit together. Brock began painting as a young man and hasn’t stopped since.  We caught up with him to ask a few personal questions along with finding out a little more about him as an artist. Join us to meet the artist on Friday March 22nd from 5-8pm at Helena Fox Fine Art at 106 A Church St. in Charleston, South Carolina.

Thicket by Brock Larson

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?  I’ve know for most of my life that I am most fulfilled when creating or building in one way or another. It was during my senior year that I made the commitment to painting and drawing. 

What is a defining moment, or couple of moments, of your artistic career?  When I first visited the Atelier and knew for a fact I would be pursuing painting as a career, it seemed as though the ‘gray’ decision I made in high school had suddenly turned ‘black and white.’  A more recent ‘moment’ was this past summer when I was able to spend a few months without teaching obligations or distractions. The revelations in my landscape studies were compounded while painting outdoors, which was very exciting and reassuring as far as what I wanted to pursue with my time. 

The Green Bowl by Brock Larson

Several years ago Brock and his father Jeffrey T. Larson purchased a derelict church in Duluth. Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art (GLA) was born. Located in what was formerly known as St. Peter’s Catholic Church, GLA basis its curriculum on classical four year training/apprentice program.  ‘Even though we don’t get the chance to paint together everyday, we do have conversations on a daily basis, ranging from how to adjust the curriculum to new favorite paintings and new discoveries in our own projects.‘ They both agree that teaching allows them to explore more in their own work while teaching young artists the classical basics. “Working with students has helped motivate me to continue my own education and to practice hard. I feel great encouragement and excitement when they make a breakthrough and move on to the next lesson.” 

How do you describe your art to others?  Representational, impressionistic, trying to stay true to nature as is possible. Beauty and pursuing honest relationships in color and value within a composition are what I think most about while painting.

Industrial Composition by Brock Larson

What is your dream project? Since I am currently obsessed with the Landscape, I can see taking time to travel the country and gather plein aire studies and sketches to take back to the studio. I’d then put together a body of work that could be used for an exhibition. What do you look for when out scouting for places to paint? Mostly and interesting composition, but I try to stay open to whatever might excite me when I stumble upon it. Whether it be a beautiful vastness, or the way light is dappled on a tree stump. I try not to set out with too much of a plan ahead of time, I don’t want to pass by something beautiful because I had tunnel vision.

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you about being an artist?  Stay humble and work hard.

Join us to welcome Brock and his father Jeffrey T. Larson to the gallery on March 22nd from 5-8pm. For painting inquiries, please contact Helena Fox Fine Art by phone 843.723.0073 or email We look forward to seeing you this spring!




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