Father & Son: Jeffrey and Brock Larson

Exhibition opening and artist reception Friday March 22, 2019 at Helena Fox Fine Art 106 Church St. from 5-8pm

Helena Fox Fine Art is honored to be hosting the first joint exhibition for artists Jeffrey and Brock Larson. This father and son team are not only exceptional artists, but they are also the founders and head instructors of the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art in Duluth, Minnesota.

Father, Jeffrey T. Larson, is well known and loved for his powerful figure paintings along with his classically rendered still life paintings. You will notice in his paintings an elevation of simple subject matter–beautifully painted duct tape, a plastic berry container, or sitting by an outdoor fire. The contrast in the focus on the impression of light and dark in his outdoor paintings with

the more contemplative, atmospheric light in his studio paintings shows the scope of his abilities. Whether outdoors or in the studio, Larson takes something which the eye would otherwise categorize as unremarkable, and presents it with such authority that we re-evaluate its artistic integrity, and ultimately find beauty and relevance in the thing itself. For this exhibit, we will see a variety of his work from light filled plein aire paintings to the carefully studied still life paintings.


Son, Brock Larson, decided at a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in art. He began his education under the tutelage of his father and grandfather, Marvin Espe. Both of his teachers had learned through the classical atleier programs and so his learning began with Charle Bargue plates, master copies, and cast drawings before moving to Minneapolis to pursue his formal education. He has received two consecutive Art Renewal Center scholarship awards and has been a finalist for the ARC salon. He was chosen recently as the annual Minnesota State Bar Associations presidential portrait painter. He now teaches alongside his father in the catholic church they renovated together which is now the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art.

We hope to see you on Friday March 22nd at our opening and artist reception from 5-8pm at Helena Fox Fine Art on historic Church St.



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