Helena Fox Fine Art Welcomes Silversmith Kaminer Haislip

Join us for the CGA Art Walk on March 1, 2019 from 5-8pm
Helena Fox Fine Art is pleased to share that Charleston silversmith Kaminer Haislip will be joining our gallery. While we already have a few of her pieces in the gallery, on March 1st from 5-8pm and March 2nd from 11-4pm you will be able to see most of her collection and speak with the artists.

Kaminer Haislip
New Bowl 
Sterling Silver | Handwoven

Kaminer Haislip
Sterling Silver | Commission Only

Kaminer Haislip
Corresponding to an Echo III | Coffeepot
Sterling Silver and Purple Heartwood

Kaminer Haislip
In her studio at work

Welcome Silversmith Kaminer Haislip!

Ms. Haislip’s work expands our idea of what can be done with sterling silver. Using basically the same techniques as colonial silversmiths Kaminer creates sleek and sculptural objects for the home as well as sophisticated jewelry. Many of her pieces have hidden meanings—such as the ‘nest bowl.’ In the object you see the layering of larger and smaller sterling wires that intertwine to create a bowl shape, much like you might see in a birds nest. Many of her designs are modern interpretations of the world around us, such as her ‘Oyster’ series of jewelry which echoes the familiar shape of an oyster shell in sterling wire.

‘I like silversmithing,” Kaminer explains, “because it is midway between sculpture and jewelry.” Laughing she adds, “although my parents wanted me to make jewelry since it was more practical as a career.” After earning her MFA in silversmithing from Winthrop University in 2005, Southern tastemakers began seeking her out for her striking pieces. Among them Southern sweetheart and founder of lifestyle brand Draper James, Reese Witherspoon. She found Ms. Haislip through the Garden and Gun Made in the South awards where Ms. Haislip was a runner up in the overall home wares division in 2012.

Join us on March 1st and give our newest artist a warm welcome. Jewelry and home objects will be on display with a larger selection available through Saturday March 2nd.

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