March 2, 2018 East vs. West: Paintings from Julyan Davis and Scott W. Prior

Join us on March 2, 2018 for an artist reception featuring new work from Julyan Davis and Scott W. Prior. Mr. Davis, East Coast-er by way of England, and Mr. Prior, California through and through, often depict similar subjects in their work. They both find the beauty in the everyday and the elegance in the abandoned.

Julyan Davis painting on location

When asked how Julyan Davis picks his subjects he says he looks for ‘a jolt of recognition—a combination of light, composition, mood and a strong sense of narrative in a place.’ In his paintings we are invited in to find that jolt that connects with the viewer the work.


Scott W. Prior cruising the streets of Habana Viejo

Similarly Scott W. Prior looks for that ‘jolt’ or in his words, he ‘needs to be turned on by it. Whether it be the location, person, or object, I need to really be into it.’ His passion is seen in the bold use of color and great attention to detail, whether the painting be of waves crashing or the backside of the local surfer chick.

For East Vs. West we have chosen two artists who use their work to tell a story—be it through bringing an old folktale to life or just the narrative of the everyday. This will be Scott’s first show with Helena Fox Fine Art and Julyan’s third featured artist show.

Join us to see what inspires these two artists to paint.

Artist reception at on March 2, 2018 during the art walk. The artist will be in the gallery from 5-8pm.

Julyan Davis ‘Clearing Skies’

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