Burst of Colors: An Artists Odyssey in Provence

Mary Erickson, familiar to our gallery family for her spectacular paintings of birds and her serene landscapes, is the driving force behind this exhibition. Introducing us to her friends and fellow artists. Guest artists, Susan Lynn and John Caggiano, hail from the renowned artist community of Rockport, Massachusetts, while D. Eleinne Basa, familiar to some from the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, adds her unique touch to the collection. Together, they have explored and painted in various locations, including Maine, Florida, and South Carolina.

Artists John Caggiano, Susan Lynn, Mary Erickson and D. Eleinne Basa painting en plein air in france.
En plein aire en Provence

Over two separate trips to France during the poppy bloom, these artists scoured the countryside for fields filled with scarlet and along the way found the tiled roofs of the French countryside and the stone walls covered with climbing roses and much more. We are thrilled to have a collection of over thirty paintings representing this epic odyssey.

“Provence is a canvas alive with color, and our artists have captured its essence with unparalleled individuality,” said gallery owner Helena Fox. “This exhibit promises to transport visitors to the vibrant landscapes of Provence, showcasing a range of artistic perspectives and styles.”
The exhibition, running from April 5 to April 20, 2024, will immerse attendees in the beauty of Provence, presenting a curated collection that highlights the unique talents of four contemporary artists. Each artist brings their own interpretation of the region, creating a rich tapestry of colors and perspectives.
Susan Lynn, known for her insightful approach to painting intense color, shares her experience of capturing the poppy fields of Provence: “The challenge with a large area of intense color is to paint it in a way that makes it feel like an integrated part of the landscapes, with the necessary depth and variation.”

With this exhibit we have the opportunity to see four different artists takes of the same subject matter. Showing off the nuance of color, slightly different points of view as well as approach to what creates a dynamic work of art. This can be seen in many of the paintings, but none so distinctly as within the four paintings below of Bonnieux Vineyard.


John Caggiano’s Sweet Grapes


Mary Erickson’s Afternoon at the Vineyard


D. Eleinne Basa’s Bonnieux Vineyards


Susan Lynn’s Evening Vineyard

Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to experience the artists’ Odyssey in Provence, witnessing the diversity and creativity inspired by this picturesque region. Artist reception on April 5, 2024, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, will provide a unique chance to meet the artists and gain insights into their creative processes.

From Susan Lynn, click here for a lovely video of their time in Provence.


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