Billyo O’Donnell thrives on his passion for creating paintings en plein air that mark the exact point in time at which his inspiration happens. He thinks of his paintings as a diary of his artwork telling a story of himself at that moment. When he paints, it reminds him of how he must react spontaneously to inspiration in life or chance losing that significant experience. And, it is his easy nature in his style of living, synchronizing with the ease he feels when creating his works of art, that make those moments unique.

Perseverance and nature have always been a part of Billyo’s life. His perseverance has led him to become one of the top plein air painters in the country leaving his mark and personality on each work he creates. Perhaps the natural part of him began in his early days when he grew up west of St. Louis in an area where the prairie transforms into hills as it approaches the Missouri River. He explored the country then, as a child, making the connection with nature that has continued on to today and into his landscape paintings.

The recipient of many awards in painting, Billyo’s work has been shown at selected exhibitions throughout the United States and is currently exhibited at Kodner Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri, Helena Fox Fine Art in Charleston, South Carolina, The Arts Company in Nashville, Tennessee and Mike Carroll Gallery in Lanai, Hawaii.

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