Bursts of Color: An Artists Odyssey in Provence

For our show Burst of Colors: An Artist Odyssey in Provence we welcome three guest artists to the gallery. We are thrilled to share the art of D. Eleinne Basa, John Caggiano and Susan Lynn.  Available Artwork Sold Artwork Artist Bios Available Artwork Request Information Here D. Eleinne Basa – Callian Poppies D. Eleinne Basa […]

Francesco Lombardo

Using oil paint as his primary medium and the human figure or landscape as his primary subject, Francesco Lombardo creates work that involves repetition, movement, and layers of translucent form. His artistic influences from the past are rooted in the linear elegance of the High Renaissance, the serene yet compelling postures of classical sculpture, and […]

David Bareford

David Bareford was born and raised in New Jersey and spent his summers on Barnegat Bay, Lake Champlain and Long Island Sound, fishing, swimming and sailing. Always interested in drawing and painting he was dubbed an artist by friends in grammar school. He began to paint soon after graduation from the University of Montana. Moving […]

Lynne Riding

Lynne Riding’s work ‘always stems from the place and surroundings’ in which she finds herself. “from color observed, emotion felt, a line seen in space, or the found object, all of which find their way into my painting and act as metaphors.’ Lynne Riding is a visual artist who lives and works in Charleston, S.C., […]

Steve Nicoll

Born in London, England in 1957, Steve Nicoll was immersed in the arts at a young age. His grandfather was a decorative artist and many of Mr. Nicoll’s decisions about texture and color come from this early education, along with a few of his faux finishing tools. Educated at the famous Goldsmith College, he then […]

Patt Baldino

Patt Baldino is a gifted artist whose award winning work have been widely exhibited throughout the United States. Dramatic paintings reflect her impressive technical skills and keen eye for composition. A pinpoint of light on a glass or a play of shadows in her rich palette invites us to explore her work in greater depth.After […]

Christopher Blossom

Born in 1956, Christopher Blossom has received a level of recognition that most artists need a lifetime to achieve. At the age of twenty, he was awarded a “Scholarship Gold Medal” by the Society of Illustrators. He went on to become a charter member and then President of the American Society of Marine Artists. Shortly […]

Scott W. Prior

Scott W. Prior is a native of Southern California. He studied illustration and painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. At the Academy, he studied under artists Craig Nelson, Bill Maughan and Hui Han Lui, where he learned higher artistic ideals through intensive study while developing a solid foundation of design, […]

Kent Ullberg

A native of Sweden, Kent Ullberg is recognized as one of world’s foremost wildlife sculptors. He studied at the Swedish University College of Art in Stockholm. He was curator at the Botswana National Museum and Gallery and in the U.S. at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He has made his home permanently in […]

John Cosby

John Cosby was born in Hollywood, California and raised on the west coast. At an early age he began to draw and paint and was lucky enough to have a grandmother who was an oil painter. ”She would give me the paint, some brushes and a scrap of canvas and set me off to paint. […]

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