Meet the Artists of the Salon Wall

Many of our artists use a smaller canvas to explore ideas that they may later turn into largers canvases, or to capture a moment in time while out plein air paintings, and some of them have found that they enjoy the smaller canvas and the intimacy that it provides the viewer. This fall we decided to explore how all of these different artists would work together on one wall. Not only giving you a chance to see more of our inventory, but also as a way to share ideas of how disparate elements, subjects, frames, and styles can be brought together to create a cohesive display which is a great deal more exciting than the sum of its parts. Meet the artists that make up the wall, and check back frequently as this is an every changing display.

Julyan Davis, Scott W. Prior, William R. Davis, Jr., Billyo O’Donnell, Patt Baldino, Mary Erickson, Kathleen Dunphy, Donald Demers, John Budicin, David Bareford, and West Fraser make up this months wall. We look forward to sharing with you!