Garden Beauty

“The garden at Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida is an example of what foresight can bring to the landscape. I painted this same pergola in watercolor about 25 years ago, when the vines were just babes. Now, its full fledged display of color is spectacular.      Painting in Florida during Covid was an experience. It was like every day was a sweltering summer Sunday, when few people venture out. For a while everyone was afraid to leave their houses, but soon realized that outdoor activities were the safest. I ventured out downtown to paint, and what was once a bustling city during tourist season in Venice was now a quiet village, with few people walking around. No cars to avoid in the paintings, no traffic to contend with, and no interruptions while painting plein air. The city is back in full swing one year later, everyone wearing masks, keeping their distance, and eating at the many restaurants that are making the use of outdoor dining. I sometimes miss the quietude that Covid brought.”

Oil on panel
Image size: 10 x 10 inches
Framed size: 12 x 12 inches


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