Corresponding to an Echo Coffeepot

Introduced to Europe during the seventeenth century, coffee and tea became popular to drink and specific vessels were designed to serve these specialty beverages. Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, English, French and early American silversmiths created incredible coffeepot and teapot designs. The popularity of the caffeinated hot beverages continues until this day and Kaminer Haislip interprets the historic forms in a contemporary way.

This unique coffeepot was part of a series of design variations on bird forms and the title references how a sound changes as it echoes. The vessel was based on the shape of a bird’s body and the spout a beak. The handle of the coffeepot was created from purple-heart wood laminated with sheet silver for strength. The silver lid snaps into the top opening of the coffeepot and has a purple heart finial on top.

This original, handcrafted coffeepot won the 2012 Garden & Gun magazine Made in the South Award in the Home category and has been featured on their website and in the publication. Additionally, it has been featured in exclusive, competitive exhibitions, such as Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC and Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

Sold exclusively through Helena Fox Fine Art
Sterling Silver


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