Re-introducing Artist Steve Nicoll

Steven Nicoll was born in London England in 1957, received his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at the famous Goldsmith College in London England and then pursued his Master’s in Fine Art at The University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, England. Mr. Nicoll uses his mastery of woodworking along with his considerable artistic skill to construct, layer, texture, and decorate his works of art.  

The breakdown of space and form with Steve’s still life works is influenced by his deep respect for one of his most admired artists, Georges Braque. And while this artist’s influences are easily visual in Steve’s work, there is also a deeper play with the influence of music, especially jazz.

Mr. Nicoll spent many years between being an adjunct professor in the Fine Art Department at the College of Charleston, teaching millwork for the Clemson Architecture School and most recently as a Professor of Architectural Carpentry for the American College of the Building Arts. He is currently renovating his home on the peninsula and getting back to painting.