Jessie Peterson Tarazi: Biography

Artist Jessie Peterson Tarazi is new on the scene and quickly grabbing the attention of collectors. Her modern composition and scale stands in juxtaposition to a yearning nostalgia for the calm and tranquility of the Islands where she was raised. Her paintings reflect a similar ebb and flow to that of the Lowcountry tidewaters. Peterson’s paintings reflect her ability to capture that natural Southern light and weave it into her portrayals of Island life, evoking a certain romance for the South’s rich and layered history. These peaceful and serene compositions depict her experience of treasures found in and around her barrier island home.  Native American artifacts, deer and alligator skulls, conch and bird nests nestle together sharing Tarazi’s deeply personal vision of the area.

Jessie Peterson Tarazi has studied under world-famous artists: Jenny Saville, Vincent Desiderio, Steven Assael, and Peter Drake. Peterson was introduced to painting during her time in South Carolina’s prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. Despite her natural abilities and talents for painting, she delved into photography, where she learned about the importance of light and composition. When she returned to the brush in New York City, she never looked back. She received her Masters degree at the New York Academy of Art, a school that was founded by notable artists to preserve the vital classical foundations of painting in a rapidly changing environment.