David Bareford was born and raised in New Jersey and spent his summers on Barnegat Bay, Lake Champlain and Long Island Sound, fishing, swimming and sailing. Always interested in drawing and painting he was dubbed an artist by friends in grammar school. He began to paint soon after graduation from the University of Montana. Moving from New Jersey to Rockport, MA, he became a part of that historic seaside artist’s colony. New England had worked its magic on another young painter intent on finding his place in the world of Art. He explains, “I felt a strong connection with Cape Ann right from the start. Many of the painters I admired lived and worked here. I am still inspired by their legacy.”

Beginning as a watercolorist, Bareford concentrated on plein air painting. Studying the ever changing effects of light and shadow on the rich subject matter yielded satisfying results. His work was soon included in the shows hosted by Allied Artists of America, the American Watercolor Society, and the National Academy of Design. Bareford quickly gained national recognition for his work as well as membership in significant art organizations.

Eventually, Bareford began to transition to oil painting, knowing that the oil medium has none of the restrictions that are inherent with traditional watercolor technique, and many advantages. It is here that he has found his niche as his success so aptly demonstrates. His unique ability to “capture the moment” as well as his rich use of color are noteworthy. “The human eye is many times more sensitive than a camera in its ability to see value and color. When painting from life you are able to respond in a way that is impossible otherwise.” Certainly, it is that sensitivity and the vitality of his painting which captivates his audience. The artist reflects for a moment, “I’m trying to be technically excellent in the craft of painting as well as an artist in the way I approach my material. There’s always more to learn.”

Motivated by the interaction of light with its subject matter, Bareford has always pursued the things which interest him; landscape, cityscapes, sailing, rowing, the waterfront, and still life. However, it’s his deeply felt connection to the sea which has directed and shaped his career. He is noted for the immediacy of his work and his unique ability to draw the viewer into the picture. He loves to have several paintings underway in the studio to be worked on at leisure thus bringing out the subtleties that make for a fully developed idea.
Besides participation in exhibitions and one man shows he has done many commissioned paintings, for discerning collectors, both corporate and private.

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