Brock Larson first began drawing at a very early age under the guidance of his father, Jeffrey T. Larson as well as his grandfather, Marvin Espe. He started his academic practice in high-school with Charles Bargue plates, master copies, and cast drawings before moving to Minneapolis to pursue a formal education at the Atelier Program of Fine Art. He studied full-time in the twin cities for five years alongside attending workshops. In his final year of school, Brock began teaching evening classes in which he continued for two years before moving to his hometown area of Duluth, Minnesota, to help his father establish a similar studio training program, Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art. Together, they spent two years researching and designing the curriculum and eighteen months of remodeling an old catholic church into the ideal Studio setting for students. Here they currently instruct the full-time progam and teach workshops.
   From a young age, Brock has received multiple awards and recognition for his work. More recent honors include:
– Two consecutive ARC Scholarship awards
– Finalist in the ARC Salon
– Multiple group exhibitions throughout Minnesota
– Selected as the annual Minnesota State Bar Associations presidential portrait painter
   Brock’s work can be viewed at Collins Gallery, Orleans MA,  as well as his studio and gallery space at GLAFA, Duluth MN.

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Brock Larson

A Trademark of Larson’s work is his ability to elevate his subject matter. In contrast to his outdoor painting where his focus is on the impression of sunlight, his studio paintings focus on a more contemplative, atmospheric light created by subtle changes in value and delicate brushwork. Whether outdoors or in the studio, Larson takes something that the eye would otherwise categorize as unremarkable and presents it with such authority that we re-evaluate its artistic integrity, and ultimately find beauty and relevance in the thing itself.

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